Dems charge GOP objection to Lynch racist

Gee, Demonrats are becoming rather boring, it’s the same old thing.  Dare to challenge them or stop their agenda, you are racist.  The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee opened the second day of the confirmation hearings for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch with two witnesses who testified of alleged mistreatment for exposing Obama administration scandals.

Catherine Engelbrecht is the founder of True the Vote and a key witness in proving the IRS discriminated against tea-party and other conservative groups applying for tax-favored status. Sharyl Attkisson is the former CBS investigative reporter who has alleged the Obama administration hacked into her computer as she reported on the Department of Justice’s role in the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal.

Leading the opposition to the appearance of Engelbrecht and Attkisson at the Lynch nomination hearing, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., characterized their appearance as “sound-bite material for Fox News and conspiracy theorists everywhere.”


But GOP members of the committee, including Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, expressed concern that Lynch would be another “yes-person” attorney general, as supportive of President Obama’s leftist agenda as the outgoing attorney general, Eric Holder.

Outside the hearing room, Obama supporters attacked Republicans for their choice of witnesses.

Rashad Robinson, executive director of, a group that bills itself as “the nation’s largest civil rights organization,” charged Engelbrecht’s organization seeks to suppress African-American votes, suggesting GOP opposition to Lynch is racist.


Noting that other GOP witnesses included Georgetown University law professors Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz and Jonathan Turley, and David A. Clarke Jr., sheriff of Milwaukee County, the Washington Post attacked Lynch’s opposition with an article by Nia-Malika Henderson titled, “Why is Sharyl Attkisson testifying at Lynch’s confirmation hearing?”

“If Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. had an enemies list, it might look a lot like the list of witnesses who will testify at a Senate confirmation hearing for his potential successor, Loretta Lynch,” Henderson wrote. “At least the four witnesses (naming Engelbrecht, Rosencranz, Clark and Turley) have been called by Republicans. That half of the list includes not one, but three people involved in lawsuits against the administration. And among them, none is more well known than ex-CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who is a household name among many conservatives.”


Meanwhile Sen. David Vitter, R-La., is strongly opposed to the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be the next attorney general, saying she has made it clear she is committed to to enforcing what he considers President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty orders and ignoring the laws on the books.

He said her answers, especially on Obama’s immigration policy, should disqualify her from leading the Justice Department.

“I have a lot of concerns, but the single biggest reason, by far, is President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and the fact that she’s defending it and would carry it forward,” Vitter said.


Lynch made it clear she believes Obama’s unilateral action to confer legal status on some five million people in the country illegally is “reasonable” and is a policy she will defend. Lynch further stated that it made sense to focus immigration enforcement toward the most recent illegal arrivals and those who pose a criminal threat.

Nonetheless, early indications suggest Lynch is probably headed for confirmation. Two Republicans on the panel, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, have suggested they are inclined to support the nomination. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who is not on the panel, has already indicated his backing for Lynch.

So you see folks, it’s all cut and dried.  More corruption.

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  1. It is the other way around. Go against them you are not a Racist; they are.

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