Bob Goodlatte to DHS: Were ICE Agents Told to Ignore Crimes by Illegals?

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has written Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to demand a response to allegations that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) prosecutors were pressured by the Obama administration to release illegal immigrants who were convicted criminals.

GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte in a letter to Johnson referred to a lawsuit filed Nov. 6 in Arizona’s U.S. District Court of Appeals by veteran prosecutor Patricia Vroom, who suggested she was pressured by top ICE officials to stop prosecuting illegals with such offenses as DUIs and identity theft.

Goodlatte, mentioning Vroom’s lawsuit in his letter, said her claim was that ICE “destroyed careers to force compliance with the Obama Administration’s anti-immigration law enforcement policies, and put in their place favored individuals,” Breitbart said.


Vroom worked for ICE for 26 years, claimed that her questioning of ICE’s motives on the prosecutions led to her receiving poor workplace evaluations. She alleged that it was a broader campaign to get rid of senior legal staff amid changes in immigration policy sought by the administration.

Goodlatte, in his letter, asked Johnson if such actions against Vroom by senior management were accurate.

“If the allegations in the complaint are true, I am deeply concerned that several of the people named in the complaint are tasked with enforcing our immigration laws and implementing the President’s November 20, 2014, announcement which further curtails immigration enforcement,” he wrote.

Goodlatte added, “The complaint alleges that personnel were instructed to ignore the law they were sworn to uphold and routinely release and dismiss cases for entire classes of criminal aliens, including certain convicted felons, drunk drivers, DACA applicants, unlawful juveniles apprehended during the border surge, aliens convicted of identity theft, and aliens who made false claims to citizenship in order to vote.”


Obama has ordered a review of ICE pay and “workforce structure” as it prepares to reorganize in advance of his newly announced executive order on illegal immigrants, the Federal Times reported.

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