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Hospitals ask patients to pay upfront

The latest thing is that now many hospitals  are increasingly asking patients to pay for procedures either upfront or before they are discharged. That’s because Americans are shouldering a greater portion of their health care bills, and medical centers don’t want to get stuck with patients that can’t pay.

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Employees Fleeing ‘Dysfunctional’ Dept. of Homeland Security

The DHS is laden with so many internal issues, ranging from a void of leadership to a “stifling bureaucracy, dysfunctional work environment and abysmal morale” that its mission to protect the country is being compromised.

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ISIS jihadists urge killing of citizens from US-led coalition

In a statement posted online Monday, the Islamic group called on Muslims to kill citizens of all countries taking part in the US-led anti-jihadist coalition by any available means.

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Fresh plot to bring down airplanes

Not since 911, has America faced such a terrorist attempt as a top lawmaker says an Islamic group is once again determined once again to “bring down airplanes.”

Who Wins Senate Control? Nov. 4 Might Not Decide

A handful of tight races in states with quirky election laws make for the headache-inducing possibility that Election Day will come and go without deciding which party controls the Senate. This means it could be into next year before we know, as we do know Democrats will try every trick in the book to retain control, even if it means voter fraud.

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Boko Haram, Nigeria negotiating release of kidnapped girls

Boko Haram is negotiating the release of more than 200 school girls with the Nigerian government and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Boko Haram is seeking the release of at least 30 of its members imprisoned by Nigeria in exchange for some of the girls, who were kidnapped in April, a source involved with the negotiations told CNN.

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Jordanians Fear IS Backlash After Airstrikes

Jordan’s involvement in the US-led airstrikes against Islamic State targets has led to growing concerns in the country of a potential backlash. Well, something has to be done, since Obummer let this go on too long without any action.  There are reports of IS banners in areas like the eastern city of Ma’an have fuelled fears of destabilisation by a force wreaking havoc in neighbouring Syria and Iraq.

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Boehner: US may need ground troops vs. militants

Boehner, you are just as bad as the liar Obummer.  House Speaker John Boehner says the United States may have “no choice” but to send American troops to fight Islamic State group militants if President Barack Obama’s strategy fails to destroy the extremist group. No, it’s Obama’s fault for not heeding the warnings a year ago that ISIS was on the rise.  But all he knows how to do is play golf.

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Federal government refuses to reveal status program meant to deter illegal immigration

In Yuma Arizona, federal officials who oversee a program that guarantees jail time for immigrants caught crossing the border illegally have refused to provide information about the program’s status.

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Dem Rep: 40 American ISIS fighters have already returned to the United States

Can’t they get the number straight?  The Administration says only 12 Americans are fighting with ISIS.  

Well Democrats blocked legislation that would have taken aways their citizenship. Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y., warned during a recent speech that up to 40 radicalized U.S. citizens who have fought alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS) have already returned to the United States, where they could pose a terrorist threat.

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