New bill ties Obama’s hands on immigration

Sad part is, this won’t pass.  Sen. David Vitter, R-La., is spearheading a legislative approach to the border crisis, one that he says will result in far more deportations in less time and slam the door shut on the Obama administration’s ability to use its own discretion in enforcing existing laws.

The plan calls for expediting the deportation process, greatly reducing the grounds for asylum in the U.S. and requiring those in violation of immigration laws to be detained until they are sent home.

His bill is S. 2632, is far more aggressive than the bipartisan plan sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, which also promises to speed up the processing of those in the country illegally.

“(There are) two main differences,” Vitter said. “First of all, we raise the standard for anything like an asylum claim. They do not. Secondly, we absolutely ensure that these illegals are detained and not given over to anyone, like family members, until they’re deported out of the country, assuming that’s appropriate. They do not.”


Vitter’s bill also limits Obama’s power when using the law to advance his political agenda. He said he doesn’t trust the administration to enforce the law, so he believes tying its hands through this new legislation would also be an improvement.

“Quite frankly, I don’t trust the administration with regard to enforcement in general, and that’s why my bill doesn’t give them room to maneuver. It doesn’t leave much, if anything, to their discretion. That’s another big difference between our legislation and some other alternatives out there in Congress, even among Republicans,” he said.

“We need to detain these illegals and not let them go and not release them into American society but quickly and efficiently deport them to their home countries,” Vitter said. “Way too many of these illegals coming in are basically caught and released to family members in the country, many of them illegal. The great majority of those are never heard from again. They’re given a court date and a ‘pretty please’ note to show up in court. In a great majority of cases, that never happens.”


He also says with his legislation, there would be less asylum cases granted.

But Democrats reject this idea, arguing that the moral thing to do is help these people, many of them children, who are desperate for a better life. Vitter said the current policy is having exactly the opposite effect of that stated goal.

What? Help them out but not our own legal citizens? The only ones getting help are Democrats to retain power as they create mass future Democrat voters.

Vitter also said the media isn’t reporting the story right. Vitter said this crisis impacts every other state as long as the government is actively handing off illegal immigrants to sponsors here in the U.S. He is aware of 1,200 cases in Louisiana alone since this crisis began.

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