Krauthammer’s Take: Beware of ‘Witness Tampering’ by Administration with Bergdahl

This isn’t over by a long shot.  And as more people speak out, we are going to see just how rotten to the core this deal was, who were involved, and who got paid off.  Then we also can expect threats as usual, from this Administration, like they always do, when their lies and corruption are revealed.  We are in for a bumpy ride on this scandal, which no one wants to call it for what it is. When will congress get off their butts and impeach the bum?

Now Charles Krauthammer came up with the perfect words over this mess.  He pointed out how the story from the Administration is constantly changing, as if they have to justify what they did. And as Krauthammer implied, this is leading to the complete closure of Guantanamo Bay.

Krauthammer’s words:

“The fact that they had to come up with a new excuse today that they thought he might be killed,” he said on Thursday’sSpecial Report. “Why would you say that the fourth or fifth day after all this — ‘Oh, by the way, we remembered there’s another reason’ — tells you how much they are reaching, and how little you can really believe.”

While surely part of the reasoning behind the exchange was to bring an American home, Krauthammer found the lack of credibility and secrecy of the Obama administration suspicious, noting that there has been “infinitely less information from our own government” about Bergdahl’s health than from the Taliban. “If this goes on any longer, I think we’re going to have to imagine that perhaps there might be some witness tampering happening,” he said.

One response

  1. Before this is over bergdahl may even be “overcome by the illness and succumb to the illness that led to the trade .”

    He can join the Benghazi victims and the rest that were discarded as soon as they became a liability.

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