Gulf nations wants US to strike Syria

I have a much better idea. If they want a war, then let those Arab nations get off their arses and do it themselves. Don’t try and sucker the US into doing their dirty work. Arab countries in the Persian Gulf asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to coordinate airstrikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ahead of presidential elections in Syria scheduled for June 3, informed Middle Eastern security officials told WND.

Hold on here. These morons are wanting to interfere, yet they condemn Putin?

The request took place during a meeting in Saudi Arabia last Wednesday between Hagel and the defense ministers from the Saudi Kingdom as well as from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The security officials said Hagel told the Gulf countries the U.S. would consider the airstrike possibility.

The informed security officials, however, also estimated the probability of U.S.-NATO strikes against Syria is low. Yet officials said the U.S. is seriously considering two other requests from the cooperating Gulf nations. Request No. 1 is for the U.S. to provide more serious advanced weapons to the anti-Assad rebels.

Unless there is a major change on the ground, Assad is widely expected to win the rebel-led insurgency that has been targeting his regime for the last three years, a victory that would enhance Russia’s presence in the region. Should Assad win, it would cement Russia’s standing in the region.

Russia and Iran have been the biggest state backers of Assad, while the U.S. and moderate Arab countries worked to aid the rebels fighting to topple the Syrian president. Assad has already rid Damascus of rebels and has retaken scores of rebel strongholds. His victories were aided by instances of infighting within the rebel ranks, including the open rebellion of several rebel factions allied with al-Qaida.

Hang on folks, Assad is giving up his chemical weapons, per the agreement. There are no grounds for an airstrike. The Arabs are the instigators in this mess.

Assad still faces pockets of resistance, particularly in the city of Daraa near the Jordanian border and in the north toward the Syrian border with Turkey. These locations contain important supply roads for arms transports to the rebels.

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