Key Figure in Gun-Selling Probe Signed Deal With TSA

The outgoing head of the Federal Air Marshal Service has signed an agreement that would suspend any disciplinary action that might result from an ongoing investigation into an alleged illegal gun-selling operation within the agency. The whole government is crooked.

Robert Bray, who is quitting in June after directing the service for nearly six years, signed the agreement with the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA oversees the marshal’s service. On April 18, the deal was disclosed in a letter by TSA chief John Pistole to North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson, the Republican chairman of the House Transportation Subcommittee.

Bray is being investigated for obtaining free guns through the marshal’s service without authorization. His Washington-area home was raided by federal law-enforcement officials in December. Bray announced his retirement in March.

“I am aware of the allegations within the FAMS, including those involving the director, and believe them to be subject to appropriate investigation,” Pistole said in the letter, which was obtained by Fox. While the investigation was continuing, the letter said, Bray “has entered into a settlement agreement, which includes a provision to hold in abeyance any potential disciplinary actions.”


The agreement though, was agreed to after Bray announced his retirement. According to Pistole’s letter, the investigation stemmed from a tip last March to the inspector general’s office at the Department of Homeland Security that a “Federal Air Marshal (FAM) was purchasing and selling guns without a license to co-workers,” Fox reports.

The DHS office then referred the information to TSA for investigation. The operation, whistleblowers have told Fox, involved Air Marshal Supervisor Danny Poulos, who now is on administrative leave. He is accused of misusing his relationship with Sig Sauer, the German weapons manufacturer, to obtain firearms at a discount for marshal’s service staff.

That included Bray too.

While TSA officials have confirmed that Bray had bought weapons from Poulos, he did so legally and with “no knowledge” they may have been “ill-gotten,” Pistole said in the letter quoted by Fox.

Bray also admitted to CNN earlier this month that he bought the guns from Poulos, but he denied that his retirement was related to the TSA’s investigation.


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