Official: More aid for Syrian rebels ‘could help’

So this idiot advisor of Obama’s wants to send more aid to the Syrian rebels, when they don’t even know who the rebels really are, and most likely would be arming al Qaeda. All because Obama sees himself as ruler of the world, as he hates Assad, because he stands up to Obummer’s bullying.

Obama’s intelligence chief says more U.S. training and equipment for Syria’s moderate rebels could boost the fight against the Assad government. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper didn’t forecast any new U.S. policy in Syria’s civil war. But asked about U.S. training and equipment for vetted moderate units, Clapper said greater support could help.

We already know Clapper is inept at the job.

The Obama administration, fearful about growing extremism, has provided limited lethal aid to Syria’s opposition.

It has focused most energy on peace talks between Syria’s opposition and government. The negotiations have made little progress.

Clapper was testifying Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He said Syria’s insurgency totals 75,000 to 115,000 fighters. Some 7,500 are foreigners, including veterans of Afghanistan and Pakistan fighting who harbor aspirations of attacking Europe or the U.S.


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