Unions may receive Obamacare tax waivers

The Wall Street Journal says that the Administration is considering giving unions a tax waiver that provides money for an Obamacare reinsurance fund.  The fund, which will reimburse insurers on the exchanges if their costs are higher than expected, is financed by every U.S. citizen with a private health plan. The fee is expected to be $63 per person next year.

“The unions hate this reinsurance transfer because it takes from their members in the form of higher premiums and gives to people on the exchanges,” the editorial says. “But then most consumers are hurt in the same way, and the unions have little ground for complaint given that Obamacare would not have passed in 2010 without the fervent support of the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters and the rest.”


The suggestion that the unions might be granted a tax waiver was dropped in Federal Register document filed by the administration earlier this month. “We also intend to propose in future rulemaking to exempt certain self-insured, self-administered plans from the requirement to make reinsurance contributions for the 2015 and 2016 benefit years,” the document read.

“Self-insured” means a business pays directly for its workers’ healthcare costs and hires an insurer as a third-party administrator to process claims and manage care, the editorial said, adding that such a waiver would mostly include unions and big corporations.

“But the kicker here is ‘self-administered,'” the Journal noted. That includes self-insured plans that don’t contract with health insurance companies and instead act as their own in-house benefits manager.


But granting the waivers to the unions, which elected Obummer is illegal.  He doesn’t care about that though, as he continues to break laws.Under the president’s signature healthcare reform law, “some people get taxed but others don’t, some people get subsidies but others don’t, and some have to pay more so Mr. Obama can deliver favors to his political constituents,” the newspaper concluded.

Those who sucked up to him get the breaks.

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