GOP lawmaker introduces legislation to force Administration to reveal Obamacare enrollment

On Tuesday, Sen Lamar Alexander announced that he plans to introduce legislation requiring weekly Obamacare status reports to Congress, the states, and the public.

Alexander announced his bill first on the Knoxville area “Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show,” calling for more transparency in the new health-care law.

“As millions of Americans have sat frustrated at their computers and on their phones, wasting hours trying to fulfill the Obamacare mandate and enroll in the exchanges, the administration has refused to provide critical information about what’s going wrong, or has dribbled out news through anonymous statements to reporters,” Alexander, the ranking member on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, said.

Daily Caller

The bill would mandate weekly reports on enrollment in the federally run exchanges, news on the progress to fix the problems with, and information about the organizations tapped as “navigators.”

Alexander said no more hiding the facts, the people have the right to know.

Nebraska Republican Rep. Lee Terry is working on companion legislation in the House and will introduce it next week with Alexander’s bill when the Senate returns, a Terry spokesman told to The Daily Caller.

Last week Alexander called for somebody to he held to account for the failures of

“Somebody ought to be accountable for this mess, and if the president isn’t going to resign, it’s up to him to figure out who should,” he said.

Daily Caller

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