Obama’s Gun Control Laws Will Meet Resistance

Ever since Obama spoke on Meet the Press, and said he will put every effort behind new gun control laws, and he said there will be resistance, he was right. This has angered law abiding gun owners even more. He politicized the Sandy Hook shooting to try and further his agenda to unarm America, but it’s not working.

And not only will gun owners resist, but they have the law on their side, in the form of the Bill of Rights, which is attached to the Constitution, the document, that Obama, who claims to be a constitutional scholar is trying to break.

But Americans won’t give up their rights.

Understand people, the Bill of Rights grants us as US citizens certain rights, that no “tyrannical” government can take away. And the right to bear and keep arms is one of those rights. The Bill of Rights is our defense against an out of control government, or dictatorship, that allows us to be free.

The Bill of Rights has been a bulwark for freedom, allowing the rights enumerated therein to be enjoyed by generation upon generation.

Now Obama is trying to hoodwink everyone into believing that he has the legal right to change our access to the freedoms protected by the 2nd Amendment, and he tries to justify this by saying the goal is to prevent another situation “where someone with severe psychological problems is able to get the kinds of high capacity weapons [the] individual in Newtown obtained.”


In fact what Obama is trying to do is shame all law abiding, and legal gun owners into silence by making it look like opposition to gun control is the same thing as wantonly allowing people with severe psychological problems to obtain weapons.

But it doesn’t seem to be working, as gun sales have skyrocketed.

He is leaving out the main key to this whole issue, that a madman obtained “legal” guns “illegally”. Therefore no amount of gun laws would have stopped this incident.

So now we have Obama, and the far left, led by Sen Dianne Feinstein and one Nancy Pelosi trying this “shame” tactic in hopes of making us forget that our inalienable, God-given rights are just that – inalienable and God-given. He and his cronies have no Constitutional right to take anything away.

If you read the Bill of Rights, our Founding Fathers left their message perfectly clear: citizens have certain rights, without the infringement of any government.

And one thing we can always depend on is the fact that criminals will always act like criminals, and their actions are by no means any reason whatsoever to treat a law abiding citizen like a criminal. But this in fact is what the Obama Team is trying to do. And they are right on one thing – there will be resistance. And that is the Constitution of the United States.

Gun laws didn’t work in this case, and putting more bans in effect won’t work now.

One response

  1. OK, let’s make the gun control nuts establish and contribute to a fund to pay victims of any crime causing loss or injury involving a gun. If they don’t want me to protect myself they need to be responsible for it.

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