Biden says Dems ready to compromise

Actually, Biden is full of hot air.  Already the shady dealings are beginning, yet the sheeple follow.  On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said he and Obama are anxious to move forward on a bipartisan solution to the looming “fiscal cliff” that could force tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts next year. According to Biden though, the real question is what do Republicans plan to do?

It looks like the same old gridlock with the Democrats still retaining control of the Senate, and Republicans controlling the House.

“What is the takeaway going to be on the part of our Republican colleagues? What judgment are they going to make?” Biden told reporters on Air Force Two, as he flew from Chicago, where he watched election returns Tuesday night, to his home in

“I know it takes a little time to kind of digest what’s going on. But I think people know we’ve got to get down to work and I think they’re ready to move,” Biden said.


Biden said he believes there are at least six Republican senators who are prepared to compromise on fiscal issues, adding that Democrats “are going to have to compromise too. He is also optimistic about a bipartisan deal on immigration reform. Obama won an overwhelming percentage of the Hispanic vote Tuesday, and many Republicans say the party must improve its standing with Latino voters to remain relevant as the Latino population continues to increase.

Obama, who won a decisive victory Tuesday in the Electoral College, has said his failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform was one of the biggest regrets of his first term. But Biden said the president’s re-election offers a new chance.

But when it comes to taxes, both parties have a different view as to what they really mean on tax hikes. Obama has said he wants to retain Bush-era tax cuts for all but the wealthiest two percent of earners. Republicans have balked at the plan, insisting on across-the board cuts.House Speaker John Boehner offered Wednesday to pursue a deal with Obama that would include increased revenues to help reduce the nation’s staggering debt and put its finances in order. House Republicans want Obama to make good on a “balanced approach” that would including spending cuts and address government social benefit programs, Boehner said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also said he wants a quick solution to the so-called fiscal cliff, a one-two punch of expiring tax cuts and across-the-board spending
cuts to the Pentagon and domestic programs that could total $800 billion next year.

Biden though, believes a deal can be reached. He also hopes hopes the election prompts “some real soul-searching” within the Republican Party, with the result that they are more willing to cooperate with Democrats than during the past two years.


2 responses

  1. Anyone who is gullible enough to believe Obama is going to compromise his agenda, is most likely one of those who blindly voted for him without taking the time to see how much he lied to them the last time (2008). Um, duh, didn’t we hear this same line back in 2008 after Obama won and didn’t we see just how his compromise works.

    Do it my way and I’ll work with you to further my agenda but don’t expect anything in return.

  2. !. We already know biden is out of the loop, after all his mis-speaks obamanut ani’t trusting him with squat.

    2. Even if the Republicans want to compromise trust obamanut, biden, reid or pelosi to flap their trap and ruin it.

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