Obama: Election is a ‘defining choice’

While campaigning in New Hampshire on Saturday, Obama told the crowd that the November election is about “making a defining choice” for the country’s future. “Not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties, it is a choice between two fundamentally different visions for America,” the president said 10 days before voters will decide whether to re-elect him or send Republican nominee Mitt Romney to the White House.

“We honor the strivers, the dreamers, the risk-takers, everybody who has been the driving force behind our free enterprise system, the greatest engine of growth and
prosperity the world has ever known,” he said.

“But we also believe that the true measure of prosperity is more than just a running tally of corporate balance sheets, quarterly profit reports. We measure prosperity not just by how many millionaires and billionaires we produce; we measure prosperity by how well a typical family is doing — by whether our kids are getting a great education and can go as far as their dreams and hard work will take us.”


To further is persuasive speech, Obama stated that the US is stronger when we can count on affordable health insurance and Medicare and Social Security, when we protect our kids from toxic dumping and mercury pollution; when there are rules in place to make sure that we aren’t taken advantage of by credit card companies or mortgage lenders or unscrupulous financial institutions.

Then he continued his attack against his opponent, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by saying he doesn’t have a 5 point plan, but a 1 point plan. And he continued with his old repeat comment of the folks at the very top playing by a different set of rules than the middle class. Those people he said pays little taxes and outsources jobs. want to let Wall Street run wild and make reckless bets with other folks’ money.

Yet if we look at Obama’s record, that is exactly what he’s been doing these past 4 years, continually spending and borrowing.

Obama ridiculed Romney’s campaign promise to “cut taxes for everybody, and ask something from nobody,” saying when Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts, “he promised the same thing he’s promising now.”

“But once he took office, he pushed through a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefitted 278 of the wealthiest families in the state, and then he raised taxes and fees on middle-class families to the tune of $750 million.”


Obama said fee increases under Romney led to higher prices for gas and milk.

“There were higher fees for blind people who needed to get a certificate that they were blind,” he said. “He raised fees to get a birth certificate — which would have been expensive for me. “He raised fees for marriage certificates and fees for funeral homes — so there were literally cradle-to-grave tax hikes and fees.”


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