Criminal Investigation: Dem Rep’s Son Discusses Voting Scheme in Video

Arlington Virgina police have opened a criminal investigation after a secretly recorded video showed the son of a Democratic congressman apparently advising someone who claimed to be looking for ways to commit voter fraud.

The Arlington County police department and attorney’s office said they were “aware”
of the video “allegedly depicting” Patrick Moran, son of Virginia Rep. Jim Moran, “assisting another to vote illegally.”

“The Arlington County Police Department has initiated a criminal investigation of this matter,” the statement said.

Fox News

Patrick Moran has resigned from his father’s campaign, in wake of the video. Moran was secretly recorded by controversial conservative activist James O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas.

At the first contact, Moran refused the request, but he did eventually give tips on how to forge ID’s — like a utility bill — to illegally cast ballots for 100 people he was told were not going to show up to vote.

The audio on the tape is unclear at times, but Moran appears to say: “With the new voter ID laws … he’ll need bills. He’ll need something with a name and their address on it.

“There’ll be a lot of voter protection, so if they just have, you know, just the utility bill or a bank statement — bank statement would obviously be tough — but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

Fox News

Moran though, claimed he was just humoring O”Keefe.

But O’Keefe blasted Moran, and took issue with his claims that he was just playing along. “Moran brainstorms with our reporter on the most effective manner in which to commit voter fraud for the goal of circumventing voter ID laws; he suggests that our reporter should fabricate utility bills and impersonate poll workers over the phone, calling the unsuspecting voters before compromising their vote to ensure they hadn’t voted already,” O’Keefe wrote in an email to Fox News, calling the tape “manifestly damning.”

Fox News

This has caused serious problems for his father’s campaign. Republican Patrick Murray, put out a statement calling for an investigation by “local, state and federal election officials,” adding that “it is not clear whether or not there was any wrongdoing.”

All of this comes after Moran and two other Virginia Democratic congressmen demand a federal investigation into a case where a 23-year-old worker for a Republican contractor was charged with 13 counts of destroying voter registration forms — after allegedly dumping them in a mall Dumpster.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Republican, is investigating that case and said he will protect the election’s integrity.

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