Controversial book about Biden ignored by the media

Former Biden Senate staffer, Jeff Connaughton turned lobbyist, has written a controversial book about his former boss, Vice President Joe Biden.  The book is titled The Payoff, that Politico says “lacerates” the vice president.  The publisher describes that beginning in January of 2009, The Payoff” lays bare Washington’s culture of power and plutocracy.

It tells the story of the 20 month struggle by Senator Ted Kaufman [VP Biden’s successor] and Jeff Connaughton, his chief of  staff, to hold Wall Street executives accountable for securities fraud, to stop  stock manipulation by high-frequency traders, and to break up too-big-to-fail  megabanks.

Politico quoted from the book saying Biden was an “egomaniacal autocrat”  “determined to manage his staff through fear.” Pretty strong stuff, landing just  at the peak of a presidential campaign. Most not inside the Beltway might even  call it “news.”

Fox News

But as is to be expected, the mainstream media has ignored it.  Instead, they are going after Republican scandals.  So far only a small handful of outlets  have covered it including Politico, The Washington Post and Al Gore’s  ever-more-obscure Current TV. The Post gave it all of one paragraph.

According to Politico, the book is filled with anger and a lot of the Biden goodies.

“What’s remarkable about the book is the lengths that Connaughton goes to  portray his former boss and political idol in a bad light, piling up  embarrassing anecdotes and examples of when Biden couldn’t be bothered to help  one of his own aides,” Jonathan Martin wrote.

Fox News

Yet, these are exactly the kind of stories the news media would call game  changers, which makes one wonder why this book is getting no ink.  And in the book it says that Biden was once berated by one angry Barack Obama.  Now the book came out in September, but don’t expect much press coverage, as the mainstream media is keeping it hushed as the presidential election is near.  They don’t want the voters to know the truth about this corrupt administration.

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  1. We have all seen biden is a foul mouthed buffoon, the only reason obamanut wanted him around was for comic relief to help take our minds off the screwing we are getting.

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