Obama continues the Romney attack with expletives

Obama’s childish, disrespectful behavior during his 2012 presidential re-election campaign has now taken a turn for the worse. While on the campaign trail, he used a barnyard expletive, to describe his Republican opponent in an interview to be published Friday in Rolling Stone.

Douglas Brinkley told Politico as he and Rolling Stone Executive Editor Eric Bates left the Oval Office after a 45-minute interview earlier this month, Bates told the president his 6-year-old daughter wants Obama to stay in office.

“[S]he said, ‘Tell him: You can to it,'” Brinkley recounted. He said Obama grinned and responded, “You know, kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bull[expletive]er. I can tell.'”


This coming from a president’s mouth? Where’s his respect for the office? He must remember, just because he’s president, he has to earn the title, and his name calling shows he’s not worthy of the position. Obama is beginning to sound like foul mouthed Joe Biden, his running mate and current Vice president.

Much of Obama’s campaign rhetoric this week has centered on whether Republican challenger Mitt Romney can be trusted on both domestic and foreign policy, and coined the term “Romnesia” to describe what he says are his opponents’ shifting positions.

This statement came as Obama was off on a 48 hour compaign trip as Romney concentrated on Ohio, which has been essential to every Republican presidential win for a half-century and is currently considered up for grabs.

“My voice is getting a little hoarse. But I’m just going to keep on — just going to keep on keeping on,” Obama told supporters before heading for Virginia, Ohio and early voting in Chicago.

“I can’t tell you who I’m voting for — it’s a secret ballot,” he said to laughter.


Now Obama has picked up the endorsement of former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell, who also endorsed Obama in 2008. Campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Powell had not advised the president or the campaign he would make the announcement on “CBS This Morning.” The president also picked up the endorsement of The Washington Post.

Romney spoke to workers at Jet Machine in Cincinnati as he tried to woo the last of the undecided voters before the Nov. 6 balloting. Romney hit familiar themes: repealing the Affordable Care Act, jobs and the budget deficit as he picked up endorsements from The Wall Street Journal and The Detroit News.

Romney planned to attend a rally at Defiance High School in Defiance where country music singers John Rich and Randy Owen were also scheduled to attend. He also had an appearance scheduled at Worthington Industries in Worthington, Ohio, before heading back to Iowa Friday and then returning to Ohio to join running mate Paul Ryan in North Canton, Ohio.

3 responses

  1. Yeah, he’s getting so childish he probably thinks 6 year olds have the vote.

  2. 6 year olds are too mature

  3. I’m waiting for all the Obama lovers to speak up about how disrespectful he’s being to his office. After all, they are quite quick to speak up when they think someone else is disrespecting the office.

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