Bush Presidency More Successful Than Obama In 14 Key Areas

A new side by side study was done, that compares the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama shows a series of devastating results for the current White House tenant.

This study suggests that Bush was more successful in 14 of the 16 categories chosen by the conservative Alabama Policy Institute (API). For example, the number of Americans on food stamps was 19.2 million under the 43rd president, but now stands at 39.5 million, the one-page chart shows. The increase in the national debt was 28.6% under Bush and 50.6% under Obama.

Other figures also show the 3 year average cost for a family’s health insurance was a little over $8,000 under Bush, but a little over $14,000 now.

And the most startling of all are the gross national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product — 61.6% under Bush and now it’s 98.7 percent under Obama — and total job creation which was plus 440,000 in the Bush years but minus 2,760,000 under Obama, according to the Institute’s figures


Also the chart shows that unemployment had gone up from 5.3 weeks in the Bush years to 9.6 weeks now, while average per capita income had gone down by nearly $5,000 from $31,644 to $26,727.

“It was important to API that we provide an apples-to-apples comparison,” the institute’s policy director and general counsel, Cameron Smith said.

“Since President Obama’s first term is not over, we did not pair statistics of his incomplete term with those of President Bush’s full term. If data was only available for the first three years of Mr. Obama’s administration for a particular statistic, we compared that figure to the same information from the first three years of the Bush administration.”


The 2 items where Obama came out ahead on were the number of new government regulations, which AMI said stood at 11,017 under the current president and 13,615 under his predecessor, and in the change in the S&P 500, up 74.3 percent under Obama, but down 32.6 percent under Bush.

One response

  1. Hi Janet,

    Funny, but the foodstamp statistic would be touted by liberals as a + for them. They’d say it proves Obama is twice as compassionate as Bush.

    Other statistics I’d like to see summaries of, to reveal how bloated government is:
    1) Prosperity of the counties surrounding Washington D.C. as a function of who’s in control of government (White House and Congress).
    2) Increase and decrease in the number of federal employees, and their pay/benefits, as a function of who’s in control of gov’t.
    3) Of tax money taken from citizens that’s allocated to the Department of Education, what percentage makes its way back to the states to actually benefit education.

    Keep fighting the good fight. It’s important that we patiently communicate these kind of things.

    – Jeff

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