Trump administration hits Iran’s central bank with terror sanctions

Tuesday the Trump administration designated the head of Iran’s central bank a terrorist slapping on sanctions intended to further isolate Iran from the global financial system. Continue reading →

Bolton: Sanctions ‘Possible’ on European Companies Doing Business with Iran

Sunday White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said “Sanctions on European companies that do business with Iran after the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal are “possible.” Continue reading →

Seattle Mayor Proposes Fines up to $10K For Improper Gun Storage

Just when we thought liberals couldn’t best themselves, they come up with a new plan to top the previous one. Here it comes folks, it seems that the liberal mayor of Seattle Washington is pushing legislation that would fine gun owners as much as $10,000 for not properly securing their firearms at home. Continue reading →

Trump vows US ‘will not be walked into an Iran deal’ at next month’s North Korea summit

Thursday President Trump told supporters in Indiana that the U.S. would not agree to a redux of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal when he sits down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore next month. Continue reading →

White House Condemns Iranian Attacks on Golan Heights

The White House condemned Iran’s “provocative rocket attacks from Syria against Israeli citizens” and expressed strong support for “Israel’s right to act in self-defense.”

Continue reading →

Adam Schiff Tears Into Pence After VP’s Mueller Remark

A leading Trump critic’s busy Thursday morning of tweeting included a direct shot at Vice President Mike Pence. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., preceded his tweet storm about Russian election interference with this message to Pence. Continue reading →

Both California senators will oppose Gina Haspel for CIA director

Both of California’s U.S. senators will vote against Gina Haspel to lead the CIA, and her confirmation in the full Senate appears increasingly shaky. The only reason they are voting against her is because they hate Trump. Continue reading →

Pence says it’s time for special counsel to ‘wrap up’ Russia investigation

Thursday Vice President Pence urged special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to bring his investigation into Russian election interference to a close, saying “it’s time to wrap it up.” Continue reading →

California becomes first state to mandate solar panels on new homes

Stupid liberals. Guess what folks, Californication has become the first state in the nation to mandate solar panels for all new homes, in a move to cut greenhouse gas emissions that critics say will end up raising home prices in the already expensive market. Continue reading →

Trump Threatens to Take Away Press Credentials Over Fake News

President Donald Trump, citing negative news coverage about him, questioned whether the “corrupt” and “fake” news media should be stripped of credentials. The president’s comments came in an early morning tweet on Wednesday. He pointed out 91 percent of the “network news about me is negative (fake).” Continue reading →